The Austin Bailey Foundation, a Swansea based funder founded in 1984, are keen to meet local charities and explain how to access their small grant funding.

The Austin Bailey Foundation is holding an information event here at SCVS on 23rd April, 10am to 1pm. Following the formal presentation and general Q&A there will be an opportunity to have a 1:1 chat about your organisation and/or proposed project.

To book your place email [email protected] with your name, contact details, your charity, church or CIC’s name.

The Foundation provides small grant funding in three categories: local charities and CICs (50%), local churches and chapels (25%) and overseas organisations providing for the relief of poverty and the fostering of opportunities for young people in the developing world.

Local charity grants are given to assist work in the Swansea area with *children, young people and families, those who are disabled, unemployed, homeless, ill, infirm, aged, in need or disadvantaged in other ways*. Grants are sometimes given to national charities to be used specifically for their work in the Swansea area.

Grant amounts awarded vary but generally range from £300-£800.

The Trustees normally meet in May and December when all applications are discussed. There are no specific deadlines but applications should be submitted by end of April or end of November for consideration at the next Trustee meeting.

Click here for further information and the application form. 

Trustees will be accepting applications from organisations that are not registered charities that work with the priority groups ** above. To find out more book a place at the Meet the Funder event. Applicants must be members of SCVS and must complete a different application form which is available from SCVS [email protected] or the Foundation [email protected]

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