WCVA logoLearn how to develop and implement a winning fundraising strategy.

The funding landscape is changing for third sector organisations in Wales with many seeing cuts to their statutory funding. At the same time there are opportunities out there for organisations to raise funds from private sources. This course will help organisations to position themselves to take advantageous of the opportunities by taking a strategic approach to fundraising.

This course will help you to develop a fundraising plan for your organisation by taking stock of where you are now, mapping out where you want be and planning how you are going to get there. It will cover the elements of a fundraising planning framework and how these fit in with other strategic planning processes, including mission, vision and values and organisational objectives.

The course will teach you how to carry out a fundraising audit using strategic planning tools such as PEST analysis, competitor analysis, collaboration analysis, market analysis and internal analysis.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand what a fundraising strategy is and why you need one
  • Be able to develop and implement a realistic fundraising strategy
  • Appreciate the role of the fundraising audit in developing a fundraising strategy
  • Be able to use tools such as PEST and SWOT analyses properly as part of the planning process

Suitable for trustees, staff and volunteers.


£125.00 (WCVA Members); £155.00 (Voluntary/Community); £167.00 (Partners of WCVA); £185.00 (Public and private sector).