This short course is aimed at those new to a role within the third sector, whether they are volunteers, staff or trustees. It will provide an overview of how things work within the sector and different types of organisational structures. It will also address good practice and the Nolan principles as a foundation for attendees to build upon.

Trainer: Lois Woodward - SCVS

Cost: Free of charge 

A course aimed at those new to the sector considering:

  • What is the Third Sector?
  • What is its role?
  • Structures and shapes of third sector organisations
  • Principles and good governance

This course is free of charge but if you fail to attend or you provide less than two week's cancellation notice will be charged a fee of £20. If you find that you are unable to attend, we do allow and encourage you to find someone to take your place on the course, if this is possible for us to do for you at the time.

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