In a changing world – challenged by COVID-19, working from home, organisational change and economic recession - learning how to manage stress effectively and take good care of ourselves is now more important than ever.

Cost: £10.

This interactive half day course, introducing skilful ways to manage stress and respond to challenges in a workplace setting, would benefit paid staff and volunteers.

This course will Identify stress, examines how it manifests itself in the body and mind and explores helpful, practical ways to take good care of ourselves. It concludes with the development of individual wellbeing plans. 

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the characteristics of stress
  • Define stressor and burnout
  • Identify the effects of stress and the flight/ fight reaction on the body and mind
  • Recognise stress related habits and behaviours
  • Identify practical actions to skilfully respond to stress
  • Recognise the 5 Steps of Wellbeing
  • Create an individual wellbeing plan
  • Identify key resources and sources of support

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