NSPCWelsh Government logoC Cymru/Wales are NSPCC Logoholding an interactive learning session for professionals across agencies to share best practice of recognising, listening and responding to disclosures made by children and young people.

As part of a research project carried out by the NSPCC into children’s disclosure journeys, young people told them “I never went and asked for help, but no-one ever asked me”.

They have developed a practical resource that will support adults to interact with children and young people during a disclosure conversation and will help to increase confidence in dealing with disclosures.

In their activity-based workshop, you will have an opportunity to hear about cutting-edge research on children’s experiences of disclosing abuse, and the development of an important resource for professionals which will launch in Wales and the UK in early 2019, as well as being involved in shaping the next steps for the project.

Please RSVP to Clare Powell – [email protected]