4theRegion LogoA half day Conference with expert speakers and regional leaders, to explore what's possible and how we can transform the economy of South West Wales by keeping more of our spending in the region.

Community wealth building has emerged as a powerful approach to local economic development, reorganising local economies so that wealth is not extracted but broadly held and recirculated within the region. These ideas are being applied by a growing number of businesses, public and social sector organisations across the UK who are now driving a shift in economic development thinking.

How might we change the way major organisations buy goods and services so that all the benefits of that procurement, and the £6bn of public spend, are retained in the region? And how might we make procurement a force for good, ensuring that the “invisible value” and “added value” that comes from regional procurement is recognised and scored as part of the tender process?

4theRegion, in partnership with eft Consult, are holding what they hope will be a game changing event for the economy of South West Wales, bringing the right people together to create a shared sense of purpose around keeping more regional spending... IN THE REGION! Not just WHY this is important from a community wealth building perspective, but also HOW it can be achieved - within the existing statutory framework and procurement laws.

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