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This course will give delegates an essential introduction to the Homelessness Law in Wales.

Since April 2015, Wales has had its own distinct way of dealing with homelessness. The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 created new duties for local authorities to help prevent homelessness for anyone who asks for help. It is therefore more essential than ever that anyone working with people in housing difficultly understands the basic procedures and duties owed to people who are facing homelessness in Wales.

Course includes:

  • Overview of the legislation and its vision
  • Detailed exploration of key terms including
    • Homelessness and Threatened with homelessness
    • Eligibility
    • Priority Need
    • Local Connection

Review to the application process for people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness

  • Examination of Local Authority duties and how they are met
  • Discussion of review procedures and options

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