As in person meetings are less possible just now, many agencies are turning to on-line platforms to provide much needed emotional support to individuals who are often isolated at home.  This session will focus on best practice in offering support sessions on-line and will include opportunities to consider some of the ethical and safety issues associated with this way of working.  We’ll explore:


  1. Preparing to offer support – what do workers need to attend to before beginning to meet individuals online?

  2. Ensuring self-care – what do workers , in order to take care of themselves when offering support remotely?

  3. Setting and maintaining support relationships online – what is needed to ensure support is offered safely, with attention to ethics and good boundaries?

  4. Receiving support – what does the individual need to get the most from being supported online?

This session will be offered as a workshop and delivered via Zoom - the joining instructions will provide guidance about to the practicalities of taking part.

Friday 2nd October, 10:00am - 12 noon

Cost: £10 to SCVS member organisations

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