Swansea Council Logo 2017For disabled people, their carers and organisations offering support to disabled people and carers, to discuss plans, issues and concerns with Swansea Council, and vice versa.

Facilitated by SCVS and Swansea Council, this will be a strategic, high level group linking disabled people and their carers, and the range of forums and voluntary and community sector organisations supporting disabled people and carers, with Swansea Council equality champions, officers and members covering all council departments. It will meet 5 times a year. 

The group isn't a general information giving or discussion forum, so potential members will need to be clear about why they want to come along to make sure that work going on in other places already isn't duplicated.

If you or your organisation would like to become a member, or you want to attend the first meeting on 7th February, please email Adrian Bailey, Co Production Development Officer: [email protected]