Swansea Parent Carer Forum LogoSwansea has a new peer led parent carer forum.

In January 2018, a group of parent carers began working co-productively with Swansea Local Authority to commission a new Parent Carer Forum. This is the result and they look forward to sharing their vision, purpose and aims with you.

They are delighted that Carrie Grant, herself a parent carer, will be supporting our launch by giving our keynote speech. She has a deep understanding of raising and supporting children with complex needs. Carrie is as passionate as they are that working together in equal partnership with service providers will produce better services that work for families.

Join them and find out how you can be involved.

As well as finding out more about them and their work, they have also assembled a number of organisations that work to support disabled children, young people and adults and their families.

To see the Day's Schedule, Information on Carrie and to book your place, click here.