THIS COURSE IS NOW FULLY BOOKED.  If you would like your name to be placed on a waiting list, in case of any cancellations, please get in touch -- 01792 544000

SCVS are running a Free Tai Chi Movement for Wellbeing course for people 50+ and/or those who are living with a long term health conditions.


  • Learn the Tai Chi Movement for Wellbeing sequence in a supportive atmosphere
  • Develop a daily practice which helps with managing the challenges of growing older and/or living with a long term health condition
  • Understand how gentle exercise helps to build stamina, balance and flexibility whilst reducing stiffness and fatigue
  • Take positive steps to enhance wellbeing

Tai Chi Movement for Wellbeing (TMW) is a specially-developed sequence of movements and gentle exercise for promoting physical and emotional wellbeing that has been shown to benefit many people, particularly over 50s and those with long-term health conditions.

There is a large body of research demonstrating that the regular practice of tai chi improves levels of flexibility, mobility, balance and general well-being across all age groups, with significant improvements for older people.

The advantage of TMW as compared to other forms tai chi, is that it is a simple, easily learnt sequence that can be practiced by almost anyone including those with long-term health conditions, limited mobility or low stamina.

The sequence of movements is gentle and participants are encouraged to find their own “soft-limit”, so that they do not over-exert or strain. TMW is taught over 8 weeks, in hour long sessions, by a qualified TMW Trainer with over 30 years’ experience.  Participants are encouraged to practice at home and each person is given a DVD and handouts.  Gradually, over the 8 weeks of the course, participants find that this gentle form of exercise helps with reducing stiffness and fatigue, whilst building stamina, flexibility, confidence and well-being.

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