There are a lot of misconceptions portrayed in the media about the beliefs and practices of Muslims living in Wales. To challenge these, gain knowledge about Islam, help promote equality and prevent discrimination.

This training is suitable for anyone working or living in a diverse community setting, wanting to learn more about Islam and its practices in daily lives of Muslims living in Wales. It is useful for anyone who wants to promote equality, tolerance and harmony and work to eliminate discrimination. This course assists in enhancing staff awareness of basic teachings of Islam. This course increases community cohesion and tolerance towards the diverse ethnic minority community. When working with young people or diverse communities, this will help you to identify those at risk of discrimination and provide you with best practice in supporting them.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a basic understanding of general practices of Islam and look at specific issues around misconceptions around cultural practices, gender roles, jihad, etc
  • Develop a basic knowledge of authentic Islamic beliefs & practices
  • Explore issues around radicalisation and extremism and understand the objectives of the PREVENT policy
  • Recognise how negative stereotypes of Islam leads to Islamophobia and its impact on victims as well as best practice in providing support to these victims.
  • Explore ways to prevent/eradicate Islamophobia

Course Fees:

  • SCVS Members - Half Day Course £10
  • Non SCVS Members / Individuals - Half Day Course £75

To ensure that the payment of fees is not a barrier to attending courses, we provide some places at reduced cost to individuals receiving benefit/out of county third sector organisations. Please contact the Training Team if you would like to apply for a bursary.

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