Centre for African Entrepreneurship logoThe Centre for African Entrepreneurship (CAE) are running exciting activities to celebrate the Centenary of Women’s Suffrage throughout 2018.

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This activity is about getting young BAME people together and share stories and ideas about democracy and leadership. People who have stories to tell about democracy are invited, especially members of the local community whose great-grandmother were suffragettes, and those who have experience of campaigning for equal rights today. 


This activity is about creating debate and encouraging young BAME people to think about their democracy. CAE invite people together to discuss and debate about gender equality and those people who can't vote in the UK today: refugees, asylum seekers and EU migrants - and the importance of getting everyone involved with democracy.

Celebrate and Campaign

CAE are inviting people to a tea party to celebrate this important milestone in our democracy history, and campaign for youth leadership.

Visit to UK Parliament (London) and Senedd (Cardiff)

CAE invite people to watch UK Parliament Week's new films about the positive impact that parliamentary democracy has had on the lives of British women; to visit the Houses of Parliament in London, and to experience landmark Voice and Vote exhibition and take part in Vote 100 Talks and Tours programme. They are also inviting people to visit the Senedd, the main public building of the National Assembly, the main centre for democracy and devolution in Wales.

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