Census 2021 Web LogoThe UK wide Census takes place in March once every 10 years, helping to build the most complete picture of England and Wales. The census is for everyone - share the word to ensure all communities are represented in decisions on funding and services.

Sharon Jones, Census Engagement Manager for Swansea has been in touch to ask for the help of the third sector to engage with communities and population groups that are considered hard to count, and without support and guidance are unlikely to participate in Census 2021.

“There are many ways you can help and encourage your community to take part, as someone involved in your community, you'll know exactly what help and encouragement people need. Taking part in the census is so important, as it gathers information that's used for things that affect us all.

Public bodies use census information to help plan and fund services like housing, education and healthcare. Charities and businesses use it to plan their work.

With your help, we'll ensure everyone can take part in the census. Please get in touch to help me reach out to the wider community so that people from all communities in Swansea can be counted.” 

Sharon is happy to speak to any support or outreach groups, or provide a Q&A sessions, so get in touch to find out more - Sharon Jones, Census Engagement Manager for Swansea. Email: [email protected] / call 07452 935169

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Click here to download the Census 2021 Community Handbook, which has lots of useful information about the Census, why it’s important, how you can help and more.

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