Community Health Council Wales logoHave your say on the issues within health services that are important to you and, where relevant, those whom you support.

Swansea Bay Community Health Council are the independent watchdog of NHS services in Swansea Bay. They encourage and support people to have a voice in the design and delivery of NHS services.

Over recent years they have been working ever closer with inspection and regulatory bodies, providing that crucial link between those who plan and deliver NHS services in Wales, those who inspect and regulate them and those who use them.

They visit NHS services to talk to patients and carers. They talk to people at events, and through community groups. They use surveys, apps and social media. Their advocacy services help people who want to raise a concern about NHS care or treatment.

As they consider what their priorities ought to be for the coming year, they are particularly keen to hear from members of the public and organisations that work directly with members of the public so that their priorities reflect those issues that are important to the communities they serve.

What are the issues that are important to you and, where relevant, those whom you support?

  1. Are there any specific areas which you would wish the CHC to target with respect to gathering patient experience locally or on a national basis?
  2. Are there any areas within health and social care which you have concerns about particularly with respect to patient experience?
  3. Is there anything else that you consider the CHC should aim to achieve in the coming year?
  4. What do you consider to be the key challenges for health services in Swansea Bay for 2020 – 2021?

This year they would like to strengthen their collaborative work with the third sector and their engagements with members of the public. Therefore, please let them know if there are any opportunities for you to collaborate on projects.

To give your views, please contact Mwoyo Makuto - Chief Officer, Swansea Bay Community Health Council on 01639 683490 / [email protected]