Digital Inclusion Alliance Wales Agenda Priorities card Eng - March 21Digital Communities Wales is a free service (up to 2025) to help organisational across Wales take steps to improve their employees’ digital skills and confidence as services becoming more digitalised.

This week they have launched “From Inclusion to Resilience”, their digital agenda for Wales – click here to download the agenda in full.

Have you assessed your teams digital skills and confidence levels? 

Do you have a strategic plan in place for the next, 3, 6 or 12 months to help your team or department adapt to new ways of working?

Digital developments stand still for no one, we would enjoy to work and help you take manageable steps towards improvements.

The Agenda highlights five areas they would like to see prioritised over the next five years, so that everyone in Wales, who needs and wants to, can access and benefit from the internet and digital technology:

Embedding digital inclusion across all sectors

Mainstreaming digital inclusion in health and social care

Addressing data poverty as a key issue

Prioritising digital skills in the post-Covid economy

Setting a new minimum digital living standard

Digital Inclusion Alliance for Wales (DIAW) is an umbrella group of organisations committed to taking joint action to significantly shift the digital inclusion agenda in Wales. They are an open, informal network of individuals and organisations with a firm commitment to social justice and equality.