The DVLA is once again in a position to offer charities and schools a number of its surplus equipment and items.

A variety of items are being made available, these include:

  • Fujitsu E700 PCs – i3 processor and 4GB RAM.
    • Large no. available – used/good condition/working order.
  • Asus Pro Essential Laptops – i5 processor and 8GB RAM.
    • Large no. available – used/good conditions/working order.
  • Pedestal – 3 drawers.
    • 220 – used/good condition.
  • Desks – 1800mm single wave design.
    • 29 used/varying conditions.
  • Shelving units – double sided, used/varying conditions.
    • 1 – 277x181x60 cms
    • 1 – 187x181x60 cms
    • 3 – 98x181x60 cms
  • Bins
    • Various plastic office bins – used/varying conditions.
  • Wooden cot.
    • Used with very slight damage to one leg.
  • Sectional soft furnishing.
    • One set in blue/green fabric.
  • Document trays.
    • Sets of three but could be used separately – used/varying conditions.
  • Reference books.
    • Large quantity – used/varying conditions.
  • Box Files.
    • 14 x foolscap in grey– used/varying conditions.
  • Electronic/electrical equipment.
    • 1 x Panasonic M50 VHS movie camera with case.
    • 1 x Hitachi LCD projector CPL 850E.
    • 1 x Panel spotlight.
    • 1 x Liesegang overhead projector with case.
    • 1 x Philips Multimedia projector Hopper 20 series with case.
    • 1 x Panasonic Carousel S-AV2000 slide projector with case.
    • 1 x MAR-COM audio plinth.
    • 3 x Kramer VM-50H headphone distributors.
    • 1 x Logitech Surround Sound speaker set. (2 back 2 front and 1 centre) no power unit.
    • 1 x TOA A-1031PA amplifier.
    • 1 x ALBA KA851Karaoke System with radio.
    • 1 x CYP CVD-1000 AV selector.
    • 1 x Roadstar TRA 2105 multi band portable radio receiver.
  • Ink cartridges
    • 1 x Epson T007 black.
    • 4 x Epson T009 colour.
    • 1 x HPC4844A black.
    • 1 x Envisage EN-56A black.
    • 2 x Sure HP51645A black.
    • 2 x HP 23 tri-colour.
    • 2 x HP 10 black.
    • 2 x HP 10 cyan.
    • 3 x HP 10 magenta.
    • 3 x HP 10 yellow.
  • Toner cartridge
    • 1 x Epson 0582 black.

Photographs of some of these items may be available on request. 

The PCs are in good working order and will be supplied with no monitor, keyboard, power supply plug and no hard drive. The laptops also have no hard drive. This could be a perfect opportunity for charities and schools to update their IT equipment without the huge costs (simply replace the hard drive with what you have already or new ones are reasonably priced). The PCs may also offer an educational opportunity for many as they can ‘rebuild’ a PC. Additionally, all identifiable DVLA features will be removed beforehand.

Reservations for any of the items will be based on a first come, first serve basis. There is no limit to the number you wish to reserve, however, please be mindful of the needs of other charities and schools. The items will need to be collected. The collection date(s) and collection point will be confirmed via email once your interest has been registered.

If you wish to register your interest for any of the above please provide the following to avoid any delays to [email protected]

  • The name of your organisation/school and the name of a contact.

  • The number of items you would like to reserve.