Faith in Families logoFaith in Families are excited to announce that they have been awarded £298,489 to develop their “Brighter Futures” project from the National Lottery Community Fund.

Faith in Families piloted the “Brighter Futures” project from May 2019 after research and consultation with their communities, funded by the Charles Plater Foundation, Children in Need and Swansea Council for Voluntary Service.

In its first year, they have engaged with 108 families and supported 129 children intensely who were disengaged from education and their communities and at risk of exclusion. During an end of year evaluation 94% of children stated they could now talk about their worries where as they could not before, 89 % said they could calm themselves down if they got anxious and 90% said they could now control their temper.

Cherrie Bija, CEO or Faith in Families said

We are absolutely thrilled that we will now be able to reach more children and expand the project further in our Swansea Cwtches. Children that were disengaged before the pandemic are disproportionally being affected by the crisis and need our support now more than ever.

To find out more about the work of Faith in Families, click here to visit their website.