InfoEngine logoWith hundreds – if not thousands - of third sector groups in C&C Swansea, do you struggle to know where to find extra support for people that use your services? infoengine, the Wales-wide, online directory of third sector services, has launched a widget to connect the powerful engine to your website…

What is a (web) Widget?

... A widget is a stand-alone application that can be embedded into third party sites by any user on a page where they have rights of authorship, e.g. a webpage, blog, or profile on a social media site.

As part of the continuing expansion and development of the infoengine platform, the infoengine partnership are delighted to announce that a new widget has been developed to allow organisations to directly display the infoengine search facility, and live search results on their own websites.

Using a simple piece of code, the widget allows you to host the power of infoengine live search and results function on your own website (i.e. not just a link to the infoengine site), allowing your beneficiaries to search specific third sector services in their local area.

Click here to visit infoengine and get the widget!

To add the widget to your site you simply need to:

  • be able to access the html code for the page (you don’t need any special coding skills!), then it’s just a case of
  • copying and pasting the code into the right place

It should only take around 2 minutes to do, and once you have published your page, the widget should work right away.

Whether viewed on a mobile, tablet or PC, it should display perfectly (click here to see the widget in action on the SCVS website!).

Since Infoengine’s original development by our sister organisation PAVO (Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations), the Infoengine partnership has gradually expanded to cover more and more counties in Wales.

This year, it was officially adopted as a core service provided by TSSW (Third Sector Support Wales, the name for the Welsh Third Sector support infrastructure, comprising each of the County Voluntary Councils - SCVS is the CVC for C&C Swansea - and Wales Council for Voluntary Action), extending its reach to the whole of Wales.

Infoengine, the Wales wide online directory of third sector services, is constantly developing, improving the experience for users, adding more services and is fast becoming a critical resource. Recently a formal link has been established between infoengine and Dewis Cymru, the the website developed by Data Cymru on behalf of the 22 local authorities in Wales about well-being in Wales; which means that information is shared between the two systems, providing even more comprehensive information to individuals.

You can help to spread the message about infoengine, by making sure you’re services are registered, adding the widget to your own website, and encouraging any organisation, whether in the third, public or private sector, to add the free widget to their site too.

Click here for downloadable, bilingual posters, postcards and business cards to promote infoengine

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