ITV Wales logoITV Wales are looking at poverty in 2018, and hope to spend time with families for whom money has become a real struggle, to see the impact this can have on their day to day life. 

With nearly a quarter of people in Wales thought to live in relative poverty, the increasing use of Foodbanks and the prediction that child poverty specifically will rise again this year; they're looking to raise awareness and shed light on one of the most important issues of our time. 

They're also particularly keen to speak to people who are in work and struggling. 

They are very keen to emphasise that this is NOT Benefits Street - they are not seeking to embarrass anybody, or make life more difficult. They want to tell people's stories and make sure they really do understand the world in which we live.

They are hoping to film during February 2018, so please make contact as soon as possible.

For an informal chat to find out more, please contact Nicola Hendy, Producer, on 07775 220487 or [email protected]