Link Up BME Skills pictureRunning an organisation is a role with great responsibility and competing demands, which is very challenging at times. Link Up and BME Skills have trained, experienced mentors ready to support you – get in touch now. 

What could a mentor do for you?

(mentoring has) …improved my understanding of etiquette – how to get my point across effectively and concisely, the best ways to communicate with other trustees etc…

In difficult moments, or when new in role, mentors provide the support of an experienced sounding board and impartial opinion.

Link Up and BME Skills volunteer mentors support trustees and third sector organisations to strengthen their governance over the long term.

The confidential and professional support they provide promotes skill sharing and confidence building, and encourages individuals to develop further in their role, and helps an organisation plan for the future.

Link Up and BME Skills mentors are volunteers with many years’ experience working within the private, public, academic or third sectors. They have undertaken thorough training in mentoring skills and third sector governance, and are supervised throughout their mentoring relationship.

The trustee-mentor relationship provides mutual benefits to all involved - exposure to difference approaches and perspectives, a chance to think out loud, to explore options, enhanced awareness of strengths and potential, time to reflect, and honest and constructive feedback. 

As a young trustee, the meetings have enabled me to have an improved confidence in my ability to make a positive contribution to my charity at board meetings.

Whether you are new to the Trustee role, have been in the position for some time and would like to refresh your skills; or would like a mentor to support you to focus attention on priority tasks, contact Link Up or BME Skills for more information or to register your interest.

Click here for more information on the Link Up Project or contact El Evans on 01792 544025 / [email protected]

For more information on the BME Skills Project, click here or contact Eleri Williams on 01792 01792 674840 / [email protected]