NWTW Social Prescribing Project logo ENGIt’s international Social Prescribing day 2021, and we’re delighted to launch an expanded Social Prescribing service across Swansea!

In 2017, in partnership with Cwmtawe GP cluster, we launched New Ways to Wellbeing, offering social prescribing to patients registered with GP surgeries in the Cwmtawe area of Swansea.

We are pleased to announce that New Ways to Wellbeing has expanded to partner with the 5 GP clusters in the County, and is now available to any patients registered with GP clusters across the whole of Swansea.

Social prescribing is a service connecting people to non-medical sources that will enable them to improve their health and wellbeing. These sources can include activities, opportunities, or connections to community groups and voluntary organisations.

This service can help those who may be feeling isolated or disconnected for reasons such as:


Chronic illness

Carer responsibilities

Long term absence from work

Mild mental health problems 

It is not an emergency or acute service, staff are not medically trained and patients take an active role in co-producing plans and options to improve their wellbeing.

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