Race Alliance Wales Manifesto graphic Sept 2020On Wednesday 30th September, Race Alliance Wales formally launched ‘A Manifesto for an Anti-Racist Wales’.

Both the Covid19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matters movement have highlighted the entrenched inequalities between people from different ethnic backgrounds, across the world and also here in Wales.

The Manifesto sets out a road map with 10 key steps for achieving race equality in key areas spanning hate crime, racism in education, employment, lack of representation, and barriers to healthcare and housing.

Read the manifesto in full here

They are presenting this Manifesto in the hope that it influences the political parties in Wales to commit to specific concrete steps in their own campaigns for election in the forthcoming Welsh elections. We can no longer be satisfied with warm words and publications. What we need now is action and commitment to action by our political and public leaders.

If you are interested in formally endorsing the manifesto, please click here

For more information, please email: [email protected]