SNAP Project logo May 2020The Swansea North Active People Project – SNAPP - want people to join in during the month of February and do one activity every day.

SNAPP offers support to anyone aged 11+ for up to 12 weeks to help you start being more active, and explore ways you can feel better about yourself.

When it launched last year, the project was only able to support younger people, but has recently expanded its criteria to offer support to anyone aged 11+ living in the Cwmtawe or Llwchwr areas of Swansea!

We all know the importance of being active, but sometimes we lack motivation. By doing ‘Fit in Feb’ we will be motivating and supporting each other throughout the month, and looking at the benefits to activity along the way

Emma Crocker – SNAP Project Co-ordinator

The project has created a programme of activities for each day, or if you prefer, there’s a blank template you can download to make your own bespoke activity timetable for the month – choose the one that works best for you.

Click here for the Programme of activities for February

Click here to download a blank template to make your own programme

If you don’t like an activity SWAP IT, if you don’t have the equipment ‘SWAP IT’!

Find out more about SNAPP by clicking here

You can find the Project on Instagram @snapproject1, on Facebook as Swansea North Active People project, and on Twitter @SNAPPSwansea

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