Sustainable Swansea Growing Spaces map cover 2 - Jan 18The latest in the Sustainable Swansea Green Map series highlights that communities are doing it for themselves. It shows the vast array of food growing sites, projects and information available within the City and County of Swansea.

The first edition of this online Swansea Growing Spaces green map aims to give people an idea of the wide range of different growing opportunities there are in the area. It includes places you can go for help and inspiration for starting on your own, and projects where you may like to get involved, growing in a community setting with others.

While this is principally an online version and can be viewed on Sustainable Swansea’s website by clicking here,

Or on the Open Green Map system by clicking here

There is also a PDF available which is suited for home printing which can be downloaded from:

Growing your own plants or fruit and veg means that you get to control the quality of what you eat and, of course, the cost. It has other benefits too - working in a garden involves getting outside and exercising in the fresh air and will be of benefit to the environment, especially if the land was derelict or previously unused.

On a bigger scale, locally produced food means less food miles and cutting down the environmental impact of big suppliers and retailers that sometimes transport the food we eat hundreds or thousands of miles before it gets to us. All these things add up to a very powerful argument for locally produced food!

So whether you are looking to grow some fruit trees in your garden or are thinking; ‘I wonder what we could grow on that bit of land at the bottom of our street…’ there should be something here to help you get started.

All of the sites on the map are places that you can get involved with, whether that is through helping to grow produce, getting advice or information to make a project happen or simply as a consumer of locally produced food to help the environment." - Delyth Higgins, one of Sustainable Swansea’s Community Outreach Officers

Before this latest map, ten community green maps have been produced in Swansea for areas such as Penlan, Castle, Townhill, Morriston, Pontarddulais, Gower, St Thomas and Port Tennant, Penderry, the Central Swansea area and also a Green Spaces map.