The Environment Centre is excited to be part of a new collaborative project, partnering with Swansea Council and national charity Hubbub, to boost on-the-go recycling in Swansea.  

Swansea in the Loop Wave Oct 2019Titled ‘Swansea #In the Loop’, the initiative will focus on increasing the recycling of empty cans, glass and plastic bottles, as well as providing new recycling options for empty coffee and other paper cups. You can find more information here -

The campaign, launched on the 10th September, involved the rebranding of city centre bins and the unveiling of a commissioned eco sculpture by artist Wren Miller – the ‘Swansea Wave’.

The sculpture has proven a popular attraction, raising awareness of the importance of recycling wherever we can, which reduces what is sent to landfill, avoids litter and gets a value from our waste.

Swansea In The Loop Bin Oct 19The Wave will be at the Quadrant and Swansea Market this month, is you want to see what 2500 items of recycling (which we throw away every 20 seconds in the UK) looks like!    

If you would like more information or would like to get involved with the campaign, get in touch with the Environment Centre [email protected]

(PS - Do look out for new orange bins and chances to recycle in the city centre next month!)