Swansea Uni Tables 2020Swansea University have a number of metal catering tables for donation to any charitable organisations in Swansea.

They have 19 x FROVI ‘pitch’ metal catering tables available to any charitable organisation that can make use of them.


  • Table top depth 30mmSwansea Uni Table2 2020
  • 1050 mm tall in folded position
  • Table top 69mm across
  • 740mm tall in table position 
  • Base width 680mm across 
  • Weight unknown.

Bulk collections are not necessary, any amount of tables can be collected.

Please note that they have a secure Covid collection in place. Before any organisations collect, guidelines will be sent out for attending the campus.

Collection from Swansea University, Singleton Campus, SA2 8PP. Contact Rhia Cullen to arrange collection [email protected]