Swansea Public Services Board (PSB) believe in the rights of every person. In May, following 2 years of work, the Local Well-being Plan for Swansea launched – find out more.

Every local authority in Wales has a PSB. They work with partners and organisations to improve the well-being - being healthy and happy in all areas of your life - of people in our areas.

Through the plan, ‘Working Together to Build a Better Future’ a vision to work together to make Swansea a place which is prosperous, where our natural environment is appreciated and maintained and where every person can have the best start in life, get a good job, live well, age well and have every opportunity to be healthy, happy, safe and the best they can be is outlined.

Using information from the Assessment of Local Well-being and by listening to people, the PSB have identified four objectives and a cross-cutting action where working together will make the biggest difference to improve Swansea's well-being:

  1. Early Years - Children have the best start in life to be the best they can be.
  2. Live Well, Age Well - To make Swansea a great place to live and age well.
  3. Working with Nature - To improve health, supporting biodiversity and reduce our carbon footprint.
  4. Strong Communities- To build strong communities with a sense of pride and belonging.

'Sharing for Swansea' - Our Cross Cutting Action is to make sure all services work together more in Swansea by sharing resources, assets and knowledge.

A Word version of the plan, suitable for use with screen readers, is available to download, click here

Click here for more information, and to read the Plan in full