Swansea Council Logo 2017A consultation, led by The Economic Affairs Committee’s inquiry into the economics of Universal Credit, has launched, with a deadline of 29th February 2020 for responses.

The Committee will examine whether Universal Credit is meeting its original objectives and whether the policy assumptions reflected in its design are appropriate for different groups of claimants. It will also examine the extent to which Universal Credit meets the needs of claimants in today’s labour market and changing world of work.

Anthony Richards, Poverty and Prevention Strategy Development Manager at Swansea Council has requested that responses are returned to him so that he can collate the various responses from Swansea with a view to further understanding the local impacts and to share with the Welsh Government.

If you are happy to share your response with Swansea Council, and for it (or parts of it) to be included and shared with Welsh Government, please email your response to: [email protected] before the 29th February deadline.

For full information on the enquiry, or to submit your responses directly, click here to visit the Parliament.UK website

Deadline for submissions - 29th February 2020