Lightbulbs imageAt Swansea Volunteer Centre, we help organisations recruit and manage volunteers, and are in touch with hundreds of local people who want to volunteer.

COVID proved to be a catalyst, and we received two years’ worth of enquiries within a month from local people interested in volunteering, many of which are still committed to making a difference in Swansea.

Please let us know if you need volunteers, along with what tasks you need them for and what you offer volunteers, and we can help make the match. We can also display volunteering opportunities in SCVS front window.

Email [email protected] to tell us your Volunteer need

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in recruiting volunteers for Home-Start Cymru. As we have had many new volunteers come forward for Swansea area, we are now putting a pause on any further recruitment!

The Volunteering Wales website (click here) is a national volunteer recruitment and management platform. You can sign up and register your need for volunteers, connect with local people who want to volunteer through the site and easily manage your registered opportunities.

If you need some help setting up your registration, we can offer you a 1-2-1 telephone call to talk you through what you need to know.

Why you might NOT be involving volunteers at the moment…

“‘We have enough volunteers coming to us so don’t need to recruit elsewhere”

  • Recruiting through us or the volunteering wales website is a great way of diversifying your volunteer base

“We don’t have space for new volunteers to be involved in a socially distant way but we love involving volunteers”

  • Have you considered other ways volunteers could get involved? We can help you to develop alternative roles such as digital befriending

Things look a little different right now, so if you’re not quite ready to welcome volunteers back, or are planning how you can get back to volunteering business, click here for a great free resource to help you.

We’re also here to help with any volunteer management queries. Contact Julia Manser, Volunteer Centre Coordinator on 07913 864519 or email [email protected] for a 1:1 telephone meeting and we can work through this together.

Don’t forget!

SCVS are offering great Volunteer Recruitment and Management virtual training in the next few months, including:

Managing remote volunteer programmes”(a 3 part course in September),

How to recruit volunteers by registering on Volunteering wales website” (a free afternoon course in October) and

Excelling in Volunteer management” (a 3 part course in November).

Click here to see the full SCVS Autumn Training programme.