SWANSEA SOUND logoOn Tuesday 25th April Julia Manser, SCVS Volunteer Centre Officer, launched a new slot on Phil Hoyles radio programme talking about what volunteers do locally and the need for volunteers across the sector.

Swansea Volunteer Centre has always advertised the need for volunteers in our South Wales Evening Post column and via some presenter read radio shout outs on Swansea Sound every week. This new 5 minute slot will enable project co-ordinators from projects registered at Swansea Volunteer Centre and, in the first weeks, members of Swansea Volunteer Forum, to themselves go on radio and explain what their volunteers do, the positive difference they make locally, and the need to recruit more.

If you would like to register your need for volunteers and sign up with Swansea Volunteer Centre please contact us.

If you wish, you can register your need for volunteers online via: Volunteering Wales website and Swansea Volunteer Centre will email you to ask for a copy of your Volunteers policy later, or you can submit the information to us directly.

Please click here to access the Volunteer Centre registration forms for organisations needing volunteers or email [email protected] if you need some help.

We will also ask you to send a copy of your volunteering policy to complete the registration process.

SCVS are very grateful for this enhanced relationship with Swansea Sound, which provides another way to help in the recruitment of volunteers locally, and show the size, scope and strength of the local sector.

Listen online to the Volunteering slot at 10.30am each Tuesday mornings by clicking here.