The Committee supports 2 members of staff and helps with the decisions made in relation to the day to day running of the Cylch (Childcare setting)​.

The Cylch is in the process of being registered by CIW, with the virtual inspection happening in the next month. They offer childcare and preschool education following the Foundation Phase guidelines, working with children to better their Social / Personal skills, Language and communication Skills, Creative development, physical development, Maths and Understanding of the world.

The Cylch is supported by Mudiad Meithrin and gives children the opportunity to become bi-lingual at an early age (Welsh / English).

They are a registered CIO (Community Interest Organisation, number CIO:1186230.

The Cylch are seeking a Treasurer (unpaid role)


  • To keep account of the fees paid in by the Leader
  • Pay wages to staff and e mail wage slips (payrol is run by accountant)
  • Keep a ledger of expenditure
  • Deliver Treasurer’s report at the Committee meetings
  • Signatory on the Charities account

The Cylch Meithrin is open 4 afternoons a week, providing early years education through the medium of Welsh. There 7 families currently using the Cylch, and the hope is once registered with CIW within the next month, they will then be able to offer the 30 hours childcare as well as supporting families on Working tax credits, etc, and offer a wrap-around service to the School Nursery children.

Committee meetings tend to be termly (4 times a year), lasting around 1-1.5 hours, and are usually held in the early evening.

For more information or to apply, contact Carole Williams - [email protected] or call 07494491603