The Children and Young People Disability and Family Development Officer ensures that the needs of disabled children and young people and their families are met via the identification of gaps and representation at a strategic level.

The main priorities for the post are:

Consultation & Participation

To be a focus for the participation of parent/carers of disabled children & young people Swansea Parent/Carer Forum


The provision of signposting on a range of key issues such as childcare provision, returning to employment, transitions, special educational needs statements, respite care etc.  


To influence new initiatives at a strategic level to ensure that they are developing relevant and appropriate services for disabled children and young people and their families, including administration of the 1 to 1 Childcare Referral Scheme.

1 to 1 Childcare Referral Scheme

Funding available for additional childcare costs for disabled children and young people

The aim of the One to One Referral Scheme is to ensure that a chosen childcare provider can accommodate the disabled child/young person at no extra cost to themselves or the parent. The scheme is for disabled children and young people aged between 6 months and 16 years. The grant is able to fund a maximum of 5 hours one to one support a week to support a disabled child or young person attending a childcare setting. The grant applies to Full Day Care; Child Minder; Sessional Care; Crèche; Out of School (Breakfast Club; After School Club; Wrap Around).     

Swansea Parent Carer Forum

The Swansea Parent/Carer Forum aims to be a focus for the participation of parent/carers. It offers the opportunity to share information and a point of reference for partnership and local authority consultations on plans offering practical and constructive suggestions for improving services.

For more information on the Forum, click here.

For more information please contact Sandra Spratt, Children and Young People’s Disability & Family Development Officer, on (01792) 544019 / [email protected]