A Better Welcome to Swansea project supports newly arrived asylum seekers in Swansea. Project staff will deliver this training around what it means to be an asylum seeker or refugee in Swansea.

Trainer: Charlotte Davies & Amber Easther - SCVS

Cost: £10 to SCVS Member Organisations

We will look at why people flee their homes, where the come from and where they go. We will also look at the different words used to describe the different groups that come to the UK for different reasons and how people apply to stay here. By looking at what people are entitled to in Wales, participants on the course can gain a greater understanding of some of the barriers faced by people seeking sanctuary here. 

The training is designed as a short introduction – there is much more to learn on the subject than can be covered in two hours but should give participants a helpful insight into what it’s like to flee your home due to war or persecution and arrive in a foreign country seeking protection.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand why people need ‘A Better Welcome’
  • Understand why people leave their birth countries, where they come from and where they go to.
  • Understand the impact of stigma.
  • Understand ‘Who is who’ – jargon busting.
  • Have a basic overview of the application system.
  • Understand what people seeking asylum or refuge are entitled to in Wales.
  • Understand how we can make people have ‘A Better Welcome’. 

Please note that if you fail to attend or you provide less than 2 weeks' cancellation notice you will be charged the full amount. If you find that you are unable to attend, we do allow and encourage you to find someone to take your place on the course.

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