Social Prescribing is a new way of working within health care and it involves referral to non-medical services by a health professional e.g. to a support group, a mindfulness course, an environmental project or to a befriending scheme.

Trainer: Lois Woodward - SCVS

Cost: Free course 

Social Prescribing is a new way of working within Primary Care. It provides a link between the GP Practice, patients and their local community. It offers people the chance to co-produce their own way to wellbeing by discovering and accessing opportunities to learn, socialise and build confidence.

This information session is particularly aimed at third sector organisations and community groups as well as statutory sector partners with an interest in Social Prescribing.

The session will provide a brief introduction to social prescribing, what it is, the potential impact and key challenges as well as some of the developments that are taking place locally.

Course objectives:

  • Provide a definition of social prescribing and how it works
  • Look at the benefits of social prescribing for patients, third sector organisations/community groups and health professionals.
  • Consider potential challenges
  • Look at local developments

This course is free of charge but if you fail to attend or you provide less than two week's cancellation notice will be charged a fee of £20. If you find that you are unable to attend, we do allow and encourage you to find someone to take your place on the course.

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