Shared Home Swansea aims to bring together people with spare rooms and those who are happy to be sociable and lend a hand around the house in return for affordable accommodation and a sense of community and friendship.

Cost: Free course

Trainer: Ruth Robinson - SCVS 

Homesharing is a unique and innovative approach designed to address loneliness and housing needs by matching individuals seeking companionship and affordable accommodation with those who have a spare room and could benefit from some help around the house.

For both homesharers and householders, Shared Home Swansea can provide peace of mind and mutual support.

Training provides an introduction to homesharing, including its history, key concepts, and practical applications. Participants will learn about the processes Shared Home Swansea uses to create matches so that they will feel confident in signposting individuals to our services and discussing homeshare options with individuals or loved ones.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Define homesharing and understand its fundamental principles.
  • Gain an understanding of the history and development of homesharing initiatives.
  • Learn how the Homeshare in Shared Home Swansea program operates.
  • Identify the roles and characteristics of homesharers and householders.
  • Outline the components of a homeshare agreement.
  • Acquire tips on how to discuss Shared Homes Swansea with individuals or loved ones.

    This course is free of charge but if you fail to attend or you provide less than two week's cancellation notice will be charged a fee of £20. If you find that you are unable to attend, we do allow and encourage you to find someone to take your place on the course, if this is possible for us to do for you at the time.

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