The new real Living Wage rate will be announced in September 2022. Our briefing gives the opportunity to understand more about the real Living Wage and discuss challenges and opportunities to ensure a Living Wage for all workers in the voluntary sector in Wales.

This Briefing is Free of Charge.

Please note that this briefing will be delivered online via Zoom.

Living Wage Foundation research has shown that below Living Wage pay is a significant issue in the third sector. While the sector dedicates a large amount of resources to the root causes of financial hardship, sections of the workforce are not paid a wage that allows them to meet essential living costs.

Paying less than a Living Wage affects workers physical and mental health and organisations too – in their ability to attract and retain good staff, the financial costs of sick leave and reputational damage.

Briefing Learning Objectives:

  • Understand more about the real Living Wage and how it benefits workers, organisations and the economy in Wales
  • Understand the latest research on low pay in the voluntary sector and how and voluntary organisations in Wales are addressing this
  • Discuss and review systemic challenges and opportunities for change to support voluntary sector organisations to pay the real Living Wage
  • Discover more about the initiative to make Mid & West Wales a Living Wage Region and how you can get involved

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