Local Links logoOur volunteers provide local people with support on a short term, 1:1 basis,   enabling them to build confidence to pursue a hobby at a group in their community.

Volunteer placements are for a 6 week period and are a great opportunity for those interested, to gain experience of supporting a variety of people. This is great for those interested in community development, befriending and supporting roles.

Our volunteers are offered training, which gives them the necessary skills needed to feel confident to spend time with the individual.  This encourages them to pursue their own interests, whether learning new skills or meeting people to reduce their isolation.  Initially, the volunteer meets the individual in their own home hen support the person to access activities across Swansea.

To gain further insight into the types of support our volunteers give, please read our volunteer stories below.

Adam and Phil

For more details please contact Involve: Tel 01792 457299 or [email protected]