If you know of someone who has gone the extra mile during the pandemic, nominate them now a Covid-19 honour.

The Birthday Honours List, scheduled for publication on 13th June, has been delayed until the autumn so that the exceptional contributions made by so many in response to coronavirus can be properly recognised.

The Honours and Appointment Secretariat in the Cabinet Office has launched a shortened nomination form which can be found by clicking here

The form is shorter than usual, and there is no requirement for nominators to provide letters of support.

In particular, the Honours office is looking for people who have:

  • Worked on the frontline of their organisation or in their sector to directly support the most vulnerable members of society and people who have caught C-19
  • Provided critical care to C-19 patients
  • Made significant innovations in order to support the vulnerable and those with C-19 OR their communities and sectors
  • Gone to extraordinary lengths to keep critical services going
  • Volunteered in the community or for service organisations in support of those affected by C-19

There has been such a tremendous response within West Glamorgan to C-19 and it would be wonderful if the good work of some of our fantastic volunteers could be recognised. 

The deadline for nominations is: 24th July 2020. 

Click here for further information, or to submit your nomination