Swansea Council Logo 2017Children's Rights and how children and young people have their voices heard is very important to Swansea Council. They want to make sure children's rights and voice are at the centre of their work, considering them in everything they do.

'Doing it the Rights Way' is a document that sets out a plan to help Swansea Council to do this.

It says that they can make sure children can access their rights by:

  • Encouraging adults to listen to your ideas when decisions are being made that affect children.
  • Making sure adults and children know about rights and how to make sure children can enjoy their rights.
  • Making sure people can let them know what they are doing well, and where they can improve their services.
  • Clearly showing people how putting children's rights at the centre of their work improves things for children.

This survey tells you how Swansea Council plan to work on Children's Rights in Swansea in the future, and is open to anyone who wishes to give their views on it.

The work is split into five areas, and they need you to tell them if you agree or disagree with the work they plan to do. If there is something they haven't thought of, please also let them know.

The survey is available in English, Welsh, Easy Read and will also be available in Widgit symbol soon. Versions are available for children, young people and adults at: www.swansea.gov.uk/childrensrightsschemeconsultation

Closing date for responses: 31st July 2021.

If you require support to complete this survey or would like to receive a copy in an alternative version, please contact Swansea Council at: [email protected]