SCVS Logo - no wordsSCVS Members - Join us at our annual Members Event on 25th June to Learn-Network-Represent.

This year we’ve invited members of Swansea’s Public Service Board to walk in your shoes, so in the morning you’ll have the opportunity to speak directly to the Deputy Director of MAWW Fire, the Deputy Leader of Swansea Council and the Deputy Director of Welsh Government Children and Families Division, with more representatives to be confirmed.

In the afternoon, you’ll hear from third sector candidates for the Compact Liaison Committee on how they’ll represent you (and you can find out more about self-nominating when you book your place at the event if you would like to join the Committee), and vote for who you’d like to take those roles.

The afternoon also features an in depth ‘State of the Sector’ session, where we’ll update you on the local, regional and national trends and changes we’re seeing in our role as the umbrella body to better help you plan for the future.

And of course, SCVS staff will be there too, so you’ll have the chance to catch us for a chat about anything you need over a cuppa

The event is free to attend, but you do need to pre-book – please reserve your space/s by clicking here to complete the quick online form.

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25th June, Scout & Guide Headquarters, Bryn Road, Swansea. The day will begin at 9am with registration, networking and refreshments, the formal programme starts at 9.30am, and will conclude at 2pm. Lunch is included.

Self-nominate and Vote - Compact Liaison Committee:

You’ll be aware that a lot of work has happened over the last few years to re-establish a Compact (set of ‘commitments’) for the relationship between Swansea Council and Swansea’s Third sector.

“In Swansea, the Council and Third Sector are working together in many ways. There is a Compact explaining more about this commitment to collaboration and what it aims to achieve.

To monitor and evaluate the compact and ensure a good working relationship, a Compact Liaison group needs to be formed, with equal numbers of Council and Third Sector Reps.

Third sector representatives will be elected. SCVS will seek nominations from interested people who can represent the sector’s diverse concerns at interests and the Compact Liaison group meetings.

Council representatives will be appointed based on their working role in relation to the third sector. Senior council officers identify people best placed to work on the Compact liaison group. Cabinet will agree any elected member representatives.

Third sector representatives and council representatives will work to different role descriptions, recognising the different ways they will be expected to work to ensure good communication and accountability, and work towards positive shared outcomes”

Swansea Council

At the event, you will be able to hear from and then vote for your third sector representatives – and if you’re interested in becoming a representative, let us know on your booking form and we’ll be in touch with more information.

Once you’ve found out more, if you’re still interested in being a nominee, you’ll be invited to speak for a few minutes at the event as part of a ‘hustings’. Attendees will vote at the event to select who they would like to represent them at the event (with the results announced in the week following the event).

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This event is only open to SCVS member organisations. If you’re unsure of your member status, or would like to sign up, please click here to visit our membership page where you can find full information and an online membership form.

SCVS Membership is free of charge, and open to third sector constituted groups that provide benefit in C&C of Swansea.

For more information on the event, please contact Gail Hanlin at SCVS on 01792 544011 / [email protected]

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