SNAP Project logo May 2020Does your group, club or organisation provide benefit to young people around health or sports? Become a SNAPP Supporter today and access a range of benefits for free!

A partnership between SCVS, the GP Clusters in Cwmtawe and Llwchwr, Swansea Council Sports and Health Department and Swansea University; SNAPP - Swansea North Active People Project – launched in June 2020 to increase physical activity and improve the mental wellbeing of 11-16-year olds in the Cwmtawe and Llwchwr areas of Swansea.

The SNAP Project has received the support of sports stars such as Leigh Halfpenny and Olympian Non-Stanford; and they’re now reaching out to encourage groups, clubs and organisations offering benefit to young people around health, wellbeing and sports in the Cwmtawe and Llwchwr areas of Swansea to sign the pledge and become a SNAPP Supporter today.

Emma Crocker, SNAP Project Coordinator said “Since launching the project a couple of months ago, we’ve had a fantastic response from young people wanting to get involved. Covid and lockdown has meant that we’ve had to approach our delivery slightly differently, but we’re getting great feedback, and we’re now at a point where we’re really keen to expand our reach and support the invaluable organisations local to the area as well.

We want to build a community of clubs, groups and organisations to make a real difference to young people in the Cwmtawe and Llwchwr areas, so we’re delighted to launch the new SNAPP Supporter scheme, get out there and make a difference!

SNAPP Supporters get:

  • Bespoke support tailored to the needs of their group, club or organisation
  • Access to free training for staff and volunteers (which can include Mental Health Awareness, Mental Health First Aid and more!)
  • Referrals to their services from GP Practices via the SNAPP Coordinator
  • Use of the ‘SNAPP Supporter’ graphic on their materials to show their commitment to the wellbeing of young people
  • Their group, club or organisation listed on the SNAPP pledged supporter page of the SCVS website, linked to a website or a social media profile of their choice
  • Promotion of activities through SNAPP social media and communication channels

What do you need to do?

All you need to do is sign up to the SNAPP pledge (details below), confirming your group, club or organisation is committed to the aims of the SNAPP Project.

Click here to sign up as a SNAPP Supporter now

SNAPP know that Youth Sport coaches and volunteers play a central part in young people’s lives, not just as facilitators of sporting talent, but as role models and trusted confidantes who can support emotional development and mental wellbeing.

A recent survey* showed that nearly half (43%) of young people surveyed said they’d turn to a sports coach or activity club leader for emotional support and personal advice. 

SNAPP recognises the importance of this aspect of your role, and are here to help you support the young people you work with in the best possible way.

For more information about SNAPP, click here (this page also has contact details for the team if you’d like to contact them directly)

* Street Games - ‘Youth Sport and Mental Health’ survey, April 2019