Police and Crime Commissioner for South wales logoThe Police & Crime Commissioner for South Wales has now launched his annual community consultation and is urging people to share their feedback with him before the survey closes on Wednesday 15th December.

The aim of the survey is to help him understand:

The issues worrying or making people feel unsafe where they live, work, or spend time in South Wales

How people feel about policing in their local area

How people feel about their contributions to local policing through council tax payments

The results from this survey will inform the Commissioner’s decision-making process when making a recommendation in the level of police precept for the next financial year, and will provide him with a broader understanding of the issues making people feel unsafe and their experiences and perceptions of local policing.

The Commissioner is committed to ensuring he is able to reflect the views of as many people in the South Wales Police force area as possible.

Click here to take the survey

Closing date for responses: 15th December 2021