WCVA logo 2020The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how volunteers can contribute practically and flexibly to address health and care needs. WCVA are working with Welsh Government to develop a framework to support better Wales wide planning for volunteering in health and social care.

New ways of working and collaborating between organisations suggest how volunteering could be even more effective in the future.

Even before COVID-19, volunteers have been actively contributing to the health of Wales in so many ways - this video mentions just some of them.

We would like to see volunteering better integrated into the planning of services, better resourced and better recognised as an integral component of mainstream health and social care provision.

If you are involved in supporting or managing volunteering, please use the links below to take the survey:

Volunteering framework for health and care - English

Volunteering framework for health and care Survey - Cymraeg

WCVA are also holding regional focus groups in order to engage in more in-depth conversation - the links to these focus groups are in the survey.