Third Sector Support Wales logo (WCVA / CVC Infrastructure support)Richard Newton Consulting and the Chartered Institute of Fundraising Cymru are undertaking an assignment of work on behalf of WCVA to understand more about fundraising in Wales; in particular, the amounts raised by organisations in the voluntary sector, and the activities that they undertake to deliver this work.

The survey will help to fill in knowledge gaps and get a more accurate picture of how the pandemic has affected the Third Sector’s ability to generate income.

By completing this survey, you’ll be helping WCVA, TSSW and other support bodies and stakeholders such as the Welsh Government to:

Develop and produce relevant guidance, resources and training on income generation activities that will help you diversify your income

Advocate effectively on behalf of all voluntary organisations in Wales on issues that impact sustainability, such as commissioning and the use of dormant accounts

Provide you with up-to-date information and insights about which income generating activities are being under-utilised, helping you make informed and strategic decisions about your own income generation

NOTE: The survey is only open to not-for-profit organisations operating in Wales. All responses are confidential.

WCVA – Wales Voluntary Sector Income Survey - Welsh

WCVA – Wales Voluntary Sector Income Survey - English

The survey closes for responses on 30th July 2021

For additional information, please contact [email protected]