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Swansea Council for Voluntary Service is working in partnership with GP Practices within the Cwmtawe Cluster to deliver the Cwmtawe Social Prescribing Service – ‘New Ways to Wellbeing’.

We have come together in order to share services and expertise. This partnership aims to promote wellbeing for individuals and encourage positive engagement in the local community.

What is Social Prescribing?

Social prescribing is a service connecting people to non-medical sources that will enable them to improve their health and wellbeing. These sources can include activities, opportunities, or connections to community groups and voluntary organisations.*

This service can help those who may be feeling isolated or disconnected for reasons such as:

  • Bereavement
  • Chronic illness
  • Carer responsibilities
  • Long term absence from work
  • Mild mental health problems 

The Social Prescribing Co-ordinator provides a link between the GP, the patient, and community projects, and third sector organisations. Social prescribing complements the GP service in taking a holistic view of a patient’s health and wellbeing by supporting people to re-engage with their community.

*Signposting to a group or organisation does not imply an endorsement of them or their services by Cwmtawe GP Cluster or SCVS

This service is open to anyone over 18 who is registered with any of the GP practices that make up the Cwmtawe Cluster:

  • Clydach Primary Care Centre
  • Llansamlet Surgery
  • New Cross Surgery
  • Strawberry Place Surgery
  • Sway Road Surgery

Referrals can be made by your GP or any health professional in your surgery. An appointment will be arranged with the Social Prescribing Co-ordinator who will listen and explore what your needs might be and provide information on what is available in the local community to help you find your way back to wellbeing.

The Co-ordinator can also discuss and address any potential problems or barriers to you accessing these options and help you where appropriate.

You can expect to see the Social Prescribing Co-ordinator a minimum of 3 times, and have the opportunity to find your own way to wellbeing. Appointments are available at Clydach Primary Care Centre on Mondays and in Morriston on Tuesdays.

Cwmtawe Cluster logoFor more information on New Ways to wellbeing, the Cwmtawe Social Prescribing Service, email: [email protected] or call Cindy on 07961 997599 (Mon-Wed).

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