ProMo Cymru logoProMo-Cymru promote social enterprise, communication, cultural needs and diversity through technology, advice and co-operation. Their aim is to help communities and groups across Wales.

ProMo-Cymru Pic 1 2017ProMo-Cymru has been at the heart of social enterprise and cultural development in south Wales since it started 30 years ago.

Alongside tech and media training, engagement and consultation services, video production and helplines, ProMo-Cymru runs two projects that serve the Swansea area.


First up is Meic, the information, advocacy, and advice helpline for children and young people.

Children and young people often experience difficulties and issues that they need help with such as relationships (with family, friends, teachers, social workers…), physical and mental health, emotional wellbeing and education. If they don’t know where to go for help, or find it difficult to express themselves, or feel they are not listened to, these problems can be made worse, sometimes resulting in a situation of harm or risk for the child or young person.

ProMo-Cymru successfully introduced a universal advocacy helpline – the first of its kind in the UK – with funding from the Welsh Government. Established in 2010, Meic is there to be “someone on your side” and is Wales’ leading one-stop information, advice and advocacy resource for children and young people up to the age of 25. A free and confidential helpline service accessible by phone, text, instant messaging and email from 8.00am to midnight, 7 days a week. Meic ensures the child’s/young person’s voice is listened to and acted on, enabling informed decision-making and change. Meic supports and promotes a child or young person’s wellbeing and safety.

Meic provides a much-needed service available directly to children and young people as well as those working with, caring for or otherwise concerned about them.

For more information on Meic, click here. Contact them on 02920 004787 / [email protected]

FamilyPoint Cymru

The other project they run that covers Swansea is FamilyPoint Cymru. It provides direct, fast route to family information and practical support, online and via a helpline.

In 2014, the Welsh Government identified the need for a more accessible route to key family services. Despite the wealth of information and support out there, they discovered through consultation with families that many were missing out on services they were entitled to, and often got lost scouring the internet, only to find sources of uncertain reliability and in a language they don’t find accessible. As experts in client-centred communication and social development, they were pleased to take on the challenge for the Welsh Government.

Talking to parents and carers, it became apparent that most people don’t go looking for help and information until they’re in desperate need. Therefore the purpose of FamilyPoint Cymru was to engage families earlier on and keep them informed about services to prevent them reaching crisis point.

FamilyPoint Cymru is a multi-channel touchpoint that puts parents and carers at the heart of the service. It offers a mobile-optimised website with a simple to use search function, alongside social media, telephone helpline, text and instant messaging making it widely accessible to families across Wales.

As well as being a directory of trusted organisations and services, it is the FamilyPoint Cymru content that attracts people to the site and keeps them coming back for more. Their articles are a mix of personal stories and blogs written by families themselves; simple explanations of changes to policy – e.g. benefits, education, family rights; and useful tips on parenting, saving money, kids activities and cheap days out.

Everything is presented in family-friendly language with quick links, images, audio and video content to make it engaging and easy to digest. There are comment boxes on each article and everything is shared through social-media, providing multiple ways for families to give feedback, raise issues and offer advice to other parents and carers.

Parents can get personalised help through writing to ‘A Problem Shared…’ or by contacting the confidential helpline, which is staffed by professional advocacy trained advisers.

For more information on Familypoint, click here. Contact them on 02920 450460 / [email protected]