Smart Steps logoSmart Steps is an “Involve” project that provides local families with support such as accessing new activities with their children, providing a listening ear and reassurance that they are not alone, helping to reinforce parenting techniques for difficult behaviours or signposting for more specialist help.

Our volunteers give their time on a 1-2-1 basis, either by supporting 0-7 year old children alongside their parent or family member, or where there is a child between the ages of 7-11 years the volunteer befriends the child to engage in community activities.

In our Parent and Toddler Group volunteers engage children and their parents in play and encourage them to develop together.

Our volunteers are offered training, which gives them the necessary skills needed to feel confident to spend time with the whole family, or with an individual child.  If you have an interest in child development and making a difference to families locally, we would love to hear from you.

Our volunteers spend time with the family, either in their home or by accessing fun activities in the local community. Volunteers can use their own cars, or public transport.

To gain further insight into the types of support our volunteers give, please read our volunteer stories: Glenys and Shumaila, Pam and Clare, Laura

For more details please contact Involve: Tel 01792 457299 or [email protected]