Swansea Community Workshops logoSwansea Community Workshops is a registered charity and community where people can come together to socialise and share workshop resources.

They invite people who are socially disadvantaged by factors like loneliness, unemployment, bereavement, disabling conditions or other personal circumstances, and who might lift their spirits by pursuing craft hobbies, acquiring skills from other members and socialising.

This work is supplemented by running short courses to teach craft skills to the wider community, and providing vocational work experience to unemployed members or those seeking different work skills.  

Swansea Community Workshop seek a Chairperson to join their Trustee Board

You must have the ability to chair trustee meetings which are held regularly or ad hoc. Beside the knowledge of formal meeting procedure, the ideal candidate will have skills based on past administrative experience and perhaps practical small manufacturing/ craft assembly experience.

The charity has been financed by a mix of grants, membership fees, product income and outside commissions and it is hoped that the chairperson can consolidate on this progress in all directions - partnering with major organisations such as NHS, local authorities and large service providers. Connections with other non-profit organisation and funding experience would be welcome.

It is hoped that the chosen volunteer can share Swansea Community Workshops vision to establish a major social enterprise catering for the well-being of citizens in the local Swansea area. With this target, there is really no defined limit to the project or the extent to which the volunteer chairperson can contribute.

SCW has been engaged in a range of activity -

1) Short courses to the local community funded by Post Code Lottery funds, e.g stained glass making, carpentry

2) The provision of work experience to unemployed members or socially disadvantaged members, making products for sale, e.g. wooden planters, birdboxes, full size boats, garden furniture

3) Provision of community hub/ meeting spaces for recreational use, motivational talks and craft activity.

4) Shared making and social activity in our light manufacturing/ woodworking workshops to pursue hobbies and improve well-being.


Trustee meetings are held at one/two monthly meetings, normally mid-afternoon. Preparation for meetings would take 1 day per month, but will be governed by the interest in the charity displayed by the chairperson or whether they may adopt a trustee job of special interest.

No reimbursement is offered, but travelling expenses could be offered.

For more information, please contact John O'Brien, Trustee, on 01792 642868 / 07505 002577, or email: [email protected]

For more information about the work of Swansea Community Workshop, visit: www.sccw.org.uk