Swansea Parent Carer Forum LogoSCVS are excited to be facilitating the development of a new independent Parent/Carer Forum in Swansea during 2018 – 2022, funded by the City and County of Swansea.

With the introduction in Wales of legislation namely Social Services and Wellbeing Act, Well Being of Future Generations Act Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal Bill there is an expectation that services are developed co-productively with those who use them.

The Forums purpose will be to work co-productively with local services to help bring about improvements in services for disabled children, young people and their families. Evidence demonstrates that working directly with the people who use and access services to plan, commission and evaluate them leads to services that are

  • targeted where they will have best impact
  • better quality
  • fit for purpose
  • improve outcomes for CYP and families

The Forum will initially be supported by SCVS, Contact and Action for Children – our aim will be to empower parent carers from Swansea to lead how parent participation in Swansea develops in the future. We look forward to developing a culture of parents and professionals working together in Swansea. 

The forum will be voluntarily lead and managed by a small group of parent/carers, all of whom are parents of children and young people with disabilities. To date we have been attending training and working on our terms of reference and developing our policies and work plan.

SCVS’s main focus for the next year will be to support the development of an independent parent carer forum in Swansea. A forum which will be your Forum run by parent/carers for parent/carers. We will continue to keep you updated via the existing Swansea Parent/Carer Forum until the interim leadership team are ready to launch.

Contact for families with disabled children are the Department for Education’s contracted partner supporting the development of parent carer forums and empowering parent carers to be strategically involved in influencing and improving services in England by supporting  the National Network of Parent/Carer Forums.   

Action for Children’s role in this consortium will specifically to support families through. engaging with parent/carers at the very early stages of an emerging diagnosis of additional needs, providing information and signposting which will help them navigate services. Whilst promoting the Parent/Carer Forum to these families through encouraging and supporting engagement with the parent carer forum. have a member of staff providing information to parents and carers attending Stepping Stones.

For further information contact: Sandra Spratt Parent/Carer Forum Development Officer on: [email protected] / Tel 01792 544019.

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